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720 4th St Orland, CA 95963
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Steve Anthieny’s Air Rite Heating and Air has installed two residential Bryant Evolution systems in two different homes for me. I was impressed with Steve’s engineering and planning of the two challenging retrofit jobs. Steve and his staff are professional, courteous, pleasant and the service they provided was outstanding. The Bryant equipment is efficient, quiet and the intelligent Evolution Control is very convenient and easy to use to manage the zones. Air Rite has also done expert maintenance and repair on another brand of existing system and I am happy with all of the work and especially the new Bryant equipment and systems.
-Arlene K. Weber
Orland, CA
Steve Anthieny of Air Rite Heating and Air Conditioning did a great job in an emergency situation. I was especially impressed with his work ethics, enthusiasm, and concern. He demonstarted that he is knowledgeable, efficient and dependable.
-Pat Mulvany
Select Property Management
Paradise, CA
I Purchased the Bryant evolution Systems from Air Rite last year. I have been very happy with my new system. It heats and cools my house much better than the old system, and I am seeing a savings on my electric bill.
-Greg Cochrane
This is where the map comes in.
This is where the map comes in.